@CdnSportTourism @LethbridgeCity @GolfCanada Along with the @LethPCOpen in June, long golf season, and 320 days of ☀️ annually...our answer is yes.

"I looked at my buddy and said, ‘Man I have some good mojo with this ball. Would that be weird to keep this going on the weekend?’ and he said, ‘No dude, tee it up tomorrow.’"

Using the same ball through 72 holes, how Alex Chiarella won the @LethPCOpen: https://t.co/XeTno1sAiE

Hey @doc_redman , your friends at @LethPCOpen are watching and cheering you on the @PGATOUR Good luck tomorrow and in the future

A week ago today @doc_redman was in Lethbridge @LethPCOpen

Today he’s in the third last pairing at the @RocketClassic @PGATOUR

If you can compete on the @PGATOURCanada you can compete anywhere

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